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List of 14 Retired Webkinz

Posted by WebKinz Fan on 7 April, 2008

Just like with any other toy, Webkinz retires its toys occasionally.  Nobody knows why they do it, but they do it.  This is quite similar to what Walt Disney does with locking its movies back up in the safe to release again at a later time.  However, nobody knows for sure if Webkinz will ever release these pets again.  One thing that is known for sure is that once a Webkinz has been retired it can turn you a pretty penny by making you a hefty profit on eBay.  Therefore, you should always keep your eye open for such Webkinz.  You should also keep your eye open to make sure that the secret code on these Webkinz has not been open or else they will not bring with them this great of profit.

Some of the Webkinz that have been retired are unbelievable popular and everyone would like to get their hands on these Webkinz collectibles:

1.  Basset hound
2.  Brown horse
3.  Cheeky cat is very difficult to find anymore.
4.  Cheeky dog is highly sought after, but like cheeky cat he is also very difficult to find anymore.
5.  Gold and white cat
6.  Gorilla
7.  Gray and white cat is the third Webkinz that was ever produced by Ganz (the company that makes Webkinz).
8.  Black cat was retired because he was seasonal for Halloween 2007.
9.  Love puppy was created just for Valentine’s Day 2007 and retired shortly thereafter.
10.  Pegasus
11.  Sherbet bunny was seasonal for Easter 2007.
12.  St. Bernard
13.  Unicorn
14.  Reindeer was seasonal for Christmas 2007.


Of course, just like all of the other Webkinz each of these came with its own special item and special food.  These items, as well as the food, have been discontinued as well.  Therefore, they are a real treat whenever you do happen to stumble upon them while playing in the Webkinz world.

Now that you know what Webkinz to be on the lookout for, make sure that you keep your eyes open whenever you are out shopping.  You never know when you just might find someone who does not know Webkinz marking these on sale.  If you find this, take the chance to buy them and make yourself a pretty penny.


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