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Summer of ‘08 in Webkinz World

Posted by WebKinz Fan on 29 June, 2008

Fun is all around in Webkinz World this summer as the times for activities has been extended from the regular after-school hours to a whole day of fun that starts at 9 am.  You can find out what activities you would like to participate in by visiting your Today’s Activity page.

Having more hours to play will increase your skills in the arcade so that you can earn more Kinz Cash to buy nice things for your Webkinz pet.  Visiting your Webkinz pet will give you the best chance to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the special events going on this summer.

Ganz has also added Pro Events in the Webkinz Stadium for your enjoyment.  These pro events will only be held once each day and the reward for winning is a huge trophy for you to put in your pet’s room.  Won’t you be the envy of all the friends you invite over?  There won’t be as many people competing in these Pro Events because you have to have passed the fifth level in the Style class at the Academy to even enter into them. 

There has also been a new recipe hint released this summer for those of you who have stoves for your Webkinz.  Sophia Souffle recommends going to the W-shop and purchasing a candy apple, strawberry yogurt, and something else that is good during the summer.  She doesn’t give the last ingredient to make this recipe, so it will be a bit of trial and error, but it’s always guaranteed fun to be cooking for your Webkinz pets.  Sophia says it will be a yummy treat for sure so go get cooking this summer. 

If you haven’t thought of getting a stove for your Webkinz pet, you should because there is always something new to cook up and feed to your pet.  It always takes 3 ingredients to make a dish so make sure you have done your shopping at the W-shop before going to your stove.

This summer will be full of fun for the many people who are striving to get into those Pro Events. The longer hours summer has to bring will give kids more of a chance to get qualified and then win that big trophy everyone is after.  Make sure you visit the today’s activities page every day to see what type of fun you can have while visiting with your pet in Webkinz World.

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