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Demo of Webkinz World

Posted by WebKinz Fan on 4 April, 2008

The latest buzz in the virtual world is the new idea of pet upbringing. Owning a pet no longer means having the four legged creature run around in your house. Webkinz has redefined what pets are. Today with Webkinz you own what is known as a virtual pet, yes virtual pet. This pet is just as real but just not at your home. It is alive on the World Wide Web.

In Webkinz World you have pets you can adopt and take care of online. You are not required to bring it home. It lives on the internet. So whenever you are online, you have the pleasure of spending time with your adorable pet, it does everything. It can bark, run, play, bite, and in fact it does more than you can imagine. You can have your pet strum a guitar or play bowling with you. How much fun is that? Webkinz has specialized itself in providing the ultimate entertainment to its pet owners. Webkinz World is full of fun activities to spend your time on. It has been designed to keep you and your virtual pet occupied with activities that are not always possible in real life. A day on Webkinz with your lovely pet is exciting; there isn’t a dull moment ever. With the amount of activities provided, you can afford to be entertained everyday.


All 24 Webkinz Charms

Posted by WebKinz Fan on 2 April, 2008

webkinz all, 24 webkinz, all webkinzIf you have a child between the ages of 8 and 13 then you have undoubtedly heard of Webkinz and their charms.  These charms are jewelry that double as both a bracelet and a collar for around the Webkinz  pet’s neck.  This is meant to create a special bond to bring both the owner and the pet closer together.  However, it is the fact that this is a 2 in 1 charm that makes it unique to the market.


This jewelry has an image of a Webkinz pet on it.  In all there are 24 of them.  Usually your child will want the same charm as the plush pet that they have.  Children believe that regardless of whether these charms are hanging around their wrist or their pet’s neck the charms make them look good.


Today a lot of children really want to get their hands on these charms.  They are so hot that just as soon as they are put on the rack they are swallowed up by frantic shoppers.  This is why most stores run out of them just as soon as they put them up for sale.  Even if you go online you are going to face the same dilemma.  Stores raised the prices of these charms and still ran out of them just as quickly.  More…

What are Webkinz?

Posted by WebKinz Fan on 30 March, 2008

webkinz, webkinz, webkinz 2008, webkinz collectionWebkinz are stuffed animals that are called “pets.”  Each pet has a secret code on its tag.  You will want to make sure that one of these unopened tags is included with your Webkinz whenever you purchase it.  This is how you will be able to get into the virtual online world.


In this virtual online world your child will be responsible for feeding and clothing their pet and for setting up a little house for them to live in.  In order to do any of these things they will have to earn Kinz Cash.  This can be earned by playing educational games such as trivia. More…