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Webkinz World Startup Tips

Posted by WebKinz Fan on 5 April, 2008

A few years ago the craze was Beanie Babies, today it is Webkinz.  In the past it was the virtual pets, today it is Webkinz.  Why?  It is because Webkinz are able to combine the best of both worlds: a soft pet that you can hug as well as play with online in its own little virtual world.

Webkinz pets are plush pets that come with a special code that allows you access to the Webkinz web site.  webkinz world, secret code, adopt petOn this site you will be able to play a wide variety of virtual games with your pet.  The online account that you create is only good for 1 year though.  After that you will have to adopt another pet in order to renew your account for another year.